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Mark of valor ( quest exalted )


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You need to be sneaky and go when you don't see many ppl around, especially not geared up players that 1 shot u with their dragon/dark weps. If you see anyone trying to get to u, try to be faster and use skills like celestial, disparition, purge, hide, crystal form, decoy, fake death, any ud u got etc. (I don't know ur class so check what skills  u have for longer survivability) You have more chances to finish talking to npc if they lose target or need a few extra hits to kill u. In case u die relog and get res in town so u don't lose exp (if you're clanless or your clan isn't registered to siege = exp loss). Try castles like Dion & Gludio, where u don't need to run in too far to talk to npc. If you can't do it alone, pm DominoD when it's siege time and I will try to help u.

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