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Screen recorder ~ Help us/you to report Bots


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Today I woke up with the idea of being able to help make this game more entertaining for me, I know that it should not be my job and that GM's for different reasons are not as effective as we would like.
The question to everyone, what program do they use to record bots?

I was looking and found this, it is very simple I leave you the tutorial on YouTube and the download link.



If you use other software/program that is more easy/simple to use, please share; join us to kill all the bots!

(I hope that im not breaking a forums law with this post)

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When I see today buffless/shotless sumoners bots in +55 area... I know ncwest is doing nothing..I dont waste my time recording or using bot report button bcs wont change nothing, is really painfull & discouraging play by hand 100% legit and see bots at ur level full automated with 100% beneffit "crap weapon crap set and wasting 0 adena on shots" giving all adena and drops to adena sellers and some "top" player...lv55 bots... are you serious? 

Resultado de imagen de sad gif

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