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new events with more fun


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how about some new event like

atm the events we get ar dull booring lame stupid  and most of the time p2w

with events like this  even ppl with less money can earn great stuff

this  should point base event  not stuff or some thing they still got to earn 


capture the flag team vs team

this event shout be lvl bound  not that like a lvl 105 can join a event with lvl 90 or so

we got 2 teams  fighting over 1 flag that is spawn  somewhere when they have the flag they have to bring back to there own spaning place



fishing event with out  auto fishing  all same rods on the time the event starts and catsh as manny as you can 

no afk fishing or auto fishing in this event so ppl got to be there for real



capture the base flag    with 2 teams  not to big not to small

they have to steal there enemys flag and run fast back to there side to earn a point

every win ears the team a point

every kill 1 make during this event earns him extra points  but only  if someone have the flag


or  a pk /pvp evnt

get as mutch pk,s or pvp,s as you can

during the event  yes your title should be red or purple

if your red and get kild you wont lose stuf or break  you lose only 1 kill point you got

also lvl bound no lvl 100 can kill a lvl 90  so that he lose points the points stay 


i would like to know how you guys think bout this

i use to do these events on l2immortal  it was fun  do them





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