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MonsterSA    0

a lot people its saying the same,
I even noticed a suspicious player on HB,

summoner low lvl (85+) attacking me, but no effect due to items and buffs

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Lucascink    7

Can you only become a pk if you use macros with AOE? I do not really know how it is that if you leave macro afk you can convert your pj into pk ...?

1 hour ago, SleepingPower said:

No need to have active macros - at least ii don't have any macro but still get flagged.

Next target settings on only monsters is jet another bullshit for certain classes.

I'm feoh, single target skills are too weak for grinding, AOE are most of my skills.

And next target or any target settings on monsters only do not work with AOE skills.

NC didn't solve next target  and unwanted flagging at all.

They probably didn't want to solve it too, just to make little advertisement about how they are cool as they added fake next target on monsters only option.

You don't have to use any macro to get flagged in hunting area.

Only result of all that is that once flagged you cant select as a target a.s.s hole who flagged you with next target as you have monsters only settings.

So maybe there was attempt to add some target options but there were newer attempts from NC to solve unwanted flagging.


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Thread is about that there are too much ppl dead laying around and not pkers laying  around.

As I stated I don't use any macro and I'm not afk and is valid for entire party.

Entire parties get pked and several times if they dot move away or log off.

What result in a lot ppl dead waiting some alt to come and resurrect them.

Ppl dead are not pkers but victims, sorry if you wanted to deal with something else with this thread.

You maybe better to ask ColdShadow how he do it in GC, AF and similar.

He abuse game mechanic to flag parties and kill them all which is harassment but NC soft think that players have fun and that its cool feature.

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Macro was Never safe...Macro is safe Only If you are up from keyboard. I have Listen Many Ppl  Lost Items from Macro Pk's even them has target to monster.(xDFor This reason Afk Macro Is for Idiot's)

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