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Newbie question!


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Tell me a way to make adena for my D grade weap, only with spoil i can or that 1k quest? Or i have to farm 1 milion days? :)) 

I have a dual Destro - Wc but with gear no grade and players who start party for rb and steal all loot....there is a pain in the back.

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Heya mate,

Emmm based on your level you can always try to do the adena quests in your current farming location (If such exist). As an example you can try doing the Vanquish Remnants (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vanquish_Remnants) quest in Abandon Camp or if you're currently higher lvl you can always go to Orc barracks and farm the right side of the zone and additionally take the quest (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recover_the_Farmland).


There are bunch of ways to obtain money, but with no information regarding your level range, gaming hours and pretty much your commitment, its hard to point you in the correct direction :) 


And most importantly you have to pray daily to the gods of RNG and hope for full drops :D



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Unfortunately, yes grinding is the name of the game.  Spoils don't really start getting good until lvl 50 or so, so up until then, the general consensus is you will just be farming mats.  Get in a clan and it will make farming less of a grindfest if you have ppl to talk to/hunt with.

You can make money, but yes, it's a grind fest.  And be smart about what you're spending your money on.  Don't spend it on trying to ++++++++OE a weapon.  Don't spend it on armor, the sets you get from Moonlight is good enough for grinding mobs.  You don't need top armor if you're rolling with a buffer/healer.  Good jewels for your tank, don't really need much for your buffer now.  Good weapon for your tank, again don't need a high lvl one for your buffer.  I just keep grinding, and don't count on full drops because they're rare (average drop rate for full drops are 5% - 0.01%), and even more rare if you're not VIP4.  Selling is even harder and a waste of time unless their top tier drops, so better to just crush those for crystals and make shots.  Hunt greens, try not to hunt whites/yellows/reds if you can help it...the amount of time/damage/SS usage is a LOT higher comparing whites with greens.  XP/adena per hour is a lot better hunting this way.


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