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Does NCsoft see OSRS's success?


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Oldschool Runescape is going on year SIX and doing better than ever.

Did NCSoft get ideas for releasing Lineage II classic after seeing OSRS's success?

If so, did they miss the part where there's weekly developer talks, no cash shop, and community voting for any changes to the original experience?

Maybe, just maybe, it's about more than just releasing classic version. By continuing the business practices that are slowly killing off all their other games, they're killing classic as well.

NCsoft is here to make money... the funny thing is, they'd make A LOT MORE money if they were willing to work closely with the community to improve the classic experience the right way. Having people stay for years is more important and profitable than squeezing some money out for 6 months.

There's ways for NCsoft to have a similar model to OSRS for making money, whether it be the bond system that OSRS has, along with free and subscription servers or something else, it's very possible and grounds for further discussion. The cash shop is not the answer though - giving in-game cosmetics, xp-boosts, and other items RUIN the classic experience. Boost-items are bad for obvious reasons, but even cosmetics put NCsoft's focus on pushing incentives to buy more from the shop, instead of improving the game so more people play... not to mention these cosmetics could be gear designs earned within the game.

Both OSRS and Lineage II Classic were popular back in their prime, and yet somehow OSRS is succeeding now and Lineage II Classic is almost dead within 6 months? HMMMMM.

OSRS also has a botting problem, but it's not killing their game or ruining the experience for most people....THERE ARE SOLUTIONS, whether it be F2P servers separate from Subscription or some other way, there's a company handling it correctly right in front of us, NCsoft can do it too.

NCSoft won't see this, but I needed to get it out there, because it's not even about money, it's just incompetence.... we could have a better game and they'd be making more money as well.


Oh and word of advice for grindy games - don't give any boosts or items during events, they should be completely cosmetic. Why? Because giving boosts or advantages during certain days devalues normal or non-event days. OSRS is aware of that too btw. It's simple stuff, really....


If you enjoy the game the way it is right now, good for you, but it's making people leave and I'm sure you want a healthy and big community. I'd like us to try our best to push for NCsoft to try one more time to get this right and make completely new servers with a new business model, otherwise these servers will be almost nonexistent in no time. I doubt it'll happen, but I felt the need to post.


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