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R85 Gear


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If  i remember well they said that paulinas twilight will remain in game and given by the quests ,

so i think after be awakening when you give a quest or take the next quest it will give the paulina set.

I am not sure 100% though , so if no-one replies till i search it i will requote >>^.^<<

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On 12/10/2017 at 8:46 AM, gabiman21 said:

Hello guys , ive reached 85 lvl and im with dynasty gear , my friend of me told me that i would get paulinas equipment but i didnt . My question is where i can find/farm etc R85 gear

The Paulina's Dynasty gear is decent enough to get to ~Level 95 for Most toons... I usually kept my Paulina's R-grade pack sealed until 94+. However it does seem that we no longer get the pack(it was a part of the deleted Daily Goals system, and hasn't been added to Awakening Quest)

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