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Why why why couldn't we have ONE CLASSIC server that could last for years to come?


Implementing updates slowly, not caring about HUGE profits, but rather caring for a standard income to your pathetic company, for the years to come.

SUBSCRIPTION BASED, and nothing else.

It's too hard not being greedy isn't it?

You will sink, and it will hurt more knowing you made the wrong decisions.

Greed will just satisfy you short-term. 

NCSoft - the company that failed.

Blizzard - the company that tried TO MAKE IT. People will always smile when they read or hear the word BLIZZARD.


Unfortunately we loved L2 when it came out. You destroyed it.

I seriously will be watching WOW Classic when it comes out in summer and see how our L2 Classic world could be, if managed by serious people.

That's your legacy NCSoft, be proud!!!!!!!!! not

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Blizzard made it big time and even they had some hiccups. There are companies all around that made it, even with f2p model, but these scumbags(can't be polite when I get SCAMMED) will continue with their p2w model. Goodbye, see you on Skelth or WoW Classic I'm done with NCSoft games forever

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