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XP/SP Rune (200%)


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I wish we as Lineage 2 Classic Community had a voice in all this.

Classic aint Live and Live aint Classic. The Lineage 2 Classic Community aint the same as it was with Live. They won't step into this Pay2Win trap again. I refuse to re-live LIVE Servers all over again. That is in the past for me now. I'd rather would have spend my NCoins purchasing a 30-day XP/SP Rune (200%) with all the additional VIP Adena & Drop settings enabled above Rank 4, then this Pay2Win Dragon Pendants.

Next Step: QA, Core and Orfen Epics from Event Boxes? Again, I'd rather would have spend my NCoins purchasing XP/SP Hourglasses from the in-game shop.

IF we only had a choice. It seems pretty clear that the choice has been forced by NCwest for alot of us.

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