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little experiment to show u how many ncoins u have to spend

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StanxFZ    34

Bought 30 fire pendants for 30kk (3,6k Ncoins price l2store) results are below:
1x 1lvl pendant enchant failed to +4
1x 2lvl pendant enchant failed to +2
1x 3lvl pendant enchant failed to +1.
In my opinion, the fastest and cheapest way to 5lvl +9
Its  like 72,000 ncoins and use ONLY shining one to enchant
means like every ncsoft event. To have almost 100% chance to get this item u have to spend 900 USD

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Aistis    2

Damn I made mine free one to +7 and burnet at +8 didnt know that enchant rate was that bad :o


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RamireZz    0

Free pendant = got 3  lvl 1 +6 ( alt box characters).

4k ncoin :  got 3 lvl 3, 1x lvl3+8 and 2x lvl3 +6, sold both +6, saved +8  fire  (( and im with adenas and nice pendant, thx ncsoft  ;).))

Guys, y all can do adenas in game and when events like this one comes, u can blow up ur resources and u dont need buy in ncoins, but dont be so mad with those guys who buy ncoins, cause company need to move on, pay biils, and alll suport staff and structures. Is free game but company still need money.... life rules.


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Everybody who pays that amount on a so called free to play server should visit a shrink. Something is very wrong with his self confidence then. And it is not the end by far, They will find multiple ways in the future to milk these guys again and again.

And to be honest...all this for a server that was made as cheap as possible (Game files from Skelth and then an idotic mix up of versions to fit their shop needs) and that is controlled by bots from NC side (computer programs to fight bots, as there are almost no real GMs any more) and bots from player side . 
And they cant do anything against botters that hide their IP and HWID. They cant even trace the Adena flows it seems (which every illegal server does easily) , cause this would mean man power which is obviously not present.

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