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Accaunt suspended ?!?!?

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Prophetas    0

Hello , so there is a problem like on server start ? i just create new accaunt for my new character and next day i get accaunt suspended ?:x

I got also 2 accaunt ( its my boxes )  and they never get suspednded , now waiting answer like 4 days , and still dont get from apeall ncsoft :/

so lets say i create new accaunt and still get banned for no reason ?:x

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November    45

They put in an anti bot / adena seller measure which temp bans you for suspicious activity. Such as creating a brand new account and sending it X adena where X is greater than a certain number which results in a temp ban. Best thing you can do is create the account 2-5 days before use, and just leave it there. Then when it comes to the day you want to use it, you shouldn't have this issue.

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