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Weapon and Armor - Noob Question


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Hello Everyone!

I'm a new player in this server and i have a bunch of newbie questions. Last time i played was 6 years ago and first time was back from the time we had to click in every soushot (funny times, actually). So, i don't understand a lot of things, but the most important ones is:

.After reaching level 80 and the npc stops giving free armor and weapon how can i buy or craft the best or better weapons and gear?


Thanks in advance! :)

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At lvl 85 you get paulina set, its a 30 day temporairly.


Apart from that you can get requiem equiptment with the mentees certificate.


Apart from that you cna do zaken and freya or expend ncoins.


At lvl 89 i think you can start doing the quest in megalmend wich gives recipes and fragments of R grade twilight.

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