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The worst thing is servers get lagged and I have noticed we start to get a lot less drops, can you imagine how many drops we miss .. lets call that drop lag :( 

Just observe the drop rate/chance in the first 3 days after maintenance, I get most of the drops then! After that you have even long periods of time when you get almost no drops!

10-15 min is fine, 10-15 min noting, when you stack that for 3-4 days = :(  

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We loose boosts, potions , runes witch expire with time,  every time we are involved in PK activity, unvanted flagging, harassing and so on.

So nothing unusual and all work as intended.

We should go to to basic, to origin, to game as it was 15 years a go when "classic" XPing was done without scrolls, runes or even without shoots witch nowadays work only occasionally to break monotony of usual lagging.

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