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Feoh - Progression Options


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Hi all,


Yet another 'items' related question, so bear with me; I am looking to break through to the next stage of evolution for feoh SS - lvl 104 (almost 105, almost finished exalted3 quest), and need some opinions on the next items to go from (seemingly) mediocre dmg output - to somewhat more OP dmg output, lets say get me from 200-300k crits in elven to doing, well, a lot more! Setup currently, head to toe;


PVP caster +12 (Mystic 7, Acu Mystic 8, Sigel), +15% mcrit dmg

+10 PVP robe set

Evolved Taurus Stage1 with tersi +5

Circlet Noble Foresight +5 (+2% pDef aug), Saviour Mask +4

Cloak Aden +11 (bad aug for now, cant find ancient kingdom stones)

+7 Shiny elemental shirt, +7 Physical reflect shirt

Belt - Tiat +5

Bl. Valakas +5, Bl. Anthy +5, Lindy+7, Ring of the truth +5, RoC +3

Enhanced Octavis Bracelet (need swap to Tauti ofc, then need 200 raid point to aria bracelet)

Talismans - 7S, Longing, Venir 12, Abu 1, M.Skill Crit 15% (30d), Unwordly tali  (4lvl for now);

Radiant Brooch, with Aqua 3, blue.cat 3, Sapphire3, opal3, diamond3

Dual / Subclass Skills - Attack lv1, Condition Lv 1, Certification Magical and Death

Forgotten Power - magic lv 15, Defense LV 7

Skills Enchant - Empowering Echo +11 Acumen, Spike +10 power, Updraft +12 Wild (will change to power), Elem Burst +10 wild (again, changing to power), BTM/Crystal rech +4 for now.


For a path to progress, im guessing the following is the best (most cost effective way to progress without killing myself for adena), in order of my assumed priority;

Cloak +15, with maybe decent augments PVE or mcrit dmg.

PVE weapon (though i dont think its going to be easy to get the +15% m.Crit aug again), and this would be additional to my PVP weapon, as i like to oly and CoC now and then (even if Alyssa always plays).

Jewels - sapphire4  Opal Lv4 (5 is too much cost right now)

CoC Belt

+16++  PVE weapon (or PVP)

Let me know your thoguhts ppl :)

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A PVE weapon would definitely boost your damage on mobs. At +12, a Bloody Retributer will favor you more than a Dark Caster + sigil. A +16 Bloody weapon would definitely be a good upgrade ^_^ you can also buy 2h Bloody Runes to check the difference on the PVE damage.

You can try minor upgrades, for example getting a 30 day Anakim or Freya Agathion (all STATS +1) to add to you Taurus bracelet, and use the Tersi charm as secondary after that.

On 04/03/2019 at 2:56 PM, tazerpie said:

Dual / Subclass Skills - Attack lv1, Condition Lv 1, Certification Magical and Death

Magical and Death are great options. When you get the level, try to add Master's Rage as well.

+11 Aden cloak is really good. If you can find the stones, a +% PVE augment or a +7% m. crit damage augment are great :D and you can use the adena of +15 Aden cloak for other upgrades in the char.

Since you do CoC, this probably is not an option, but a Bloody Set (even at +8, as a secondary set maybe) gives you +10% more M.Attack than a Dark Set. So it's always an extra boost for pew pew xD

The skills, you're already on the right path, basically everything to Power and some debuffs to Chance. You'll notice a lot of difference in +10/+11 skills. Then at +16. Then at +20. But it's something costly and it takes time, so they can stay as they are for the moment.

In terms of attack, I would go first for an Insanity talisman first and then the CoC belt. Monkey Belt gives you more +2% damage, but less -1% damage received than Tiat's Belt (5% instead of 6% on Tiat's).

In terms of cost / effect, level 4 brooch jewels are great.

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