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Hello! I want to ask if someone knows what's the max safe enchant possible you are able to make with shiny pendant varnish. It's +8 or +9. The description at shiny pendant (in game) says below+8 but at (news) lineage2 it says: can be used at pendants below of level 9. Thanks!

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People take it to +9 because the Shiny Varnish will only work on Pendants +8 or lower. 

By NCSOFTS grand design you MUST chance the pendant at +9 to get it to +10 using regular polish. 

Absolutely sadistic on their part. 

And I know... I blew up a LVL 3 +9 Fire Pendant 

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17 hours ago, Emma said:

Why... there is little difference between +9 /+10 at what stats you get. It's not worth it.

That depends on the point of view:

Its atleast 10% exp bonus: Imagine the hundreds of Hours u will save exping in the upper lvls to archive lvl 80.

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