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Just coming back


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I'm just coming back from the game for an extended break, i've played on and off but haven't played full time.  I usually log in and do k95/k99 and then log off.

Since i left i see a few new things have come to the game and trying to see what is worth doing and what's not.

1-im lvl 100 DD/99 Healer dual (Gear for DD +6/7 r99 first with 2 sa-not bloody or blessed +6 R99 armor not blessed) What would be the beest corse of action to get better gear i have about 2bil saved up.

My gear for healer is very basic R95 armor with a +4 apoc buster 2 sa i jsut hit 99 friday

I'm trying to see what dailies is worth doing on my DD and healer i know my lvl and gear is low and is hard for me to get into some grps.

Where is a good solo spot for my DD i also have a boxed 97 iss i can have for buffs.

If you need any more info let me know

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