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Does anyone want to share a good leveling guide on the forums here? I was never actually able to find one as I leveled and I feel like a guide for up and comers would be a great tool for people. Basically anything lvl 30+ would likely be helpful.

I'm currently just hitting 40 on 3 of my toons, anyone have good tips for a HawkEye Hunting ground boxing a Bishop and SwS. OOP Prophet buffs.


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Well. Problem is there aren't a whole lot of great options 40-55 solo/small party. First decent area that got buffed was Fields of Massacre(lvl55). Options are limited and pretty mediocre:

Easy - Plains of Lizardmen. Death Pass

Harder but better xp/money - Sea of Spores, Forest of Evil, Forest of Mirrors

Group/multiHP mobs areas - Alligator Isle, Cruma 2, Enchanted Valley.

Where you can go depends on your gear/buffs.

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