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So after spending months in the market and gathering adena day by day i finally got my Karmian set+6 a few days ago.

Last night after i sold an item in giran I went to bed and woke up like 15min ago to leave my char afk with store in Giran market. But boy oh boy would I get a big surprise.

I log in my account and my dam Karmian Set+6 is freakin' gone! My char still has his staff and all the adena but wtf happened to my set??? This is outrageous, I know i've not been hacked otherwise I would have no staff, i have like 28kk adena which is still there but my karmian set+6 is gone :( WHAT THE HELL NCSOFT??

I've submited a ticket, hopefully they will restore it, otherwise I see myself forced to quit. I understand all the problems the game has, but dissapearing gear overnight?? COME ON

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54 minutes ago, Kurz said:

You try to sell ur set and put a wrong price, then I buy for ridicolous quantity of adena and now you are trying ncwest give you  a new one? jajaja good luck!!!

Resultado de imagen de thanks meme

That never has and never will happen, I make a living in the game by trading in Giran. I do not make mistakes regarding prices.

And if that would have happened, I would not have come here to cry about it

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