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Giran - crashing today?

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another month without log in, another month of lost money, another month of lost time, another month without answers, another month without a game, another month where they laugh at us ...

blessing buff only helps the bots ...

next month, another p2w system, for that they are the best

Some basically decent server? Seriously, it's the basics of a game, enter to play, understand?



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4 hours ago, Aurinya said:


Thanks for the reports. It seems not all players are having these issues. Could you let me know what regions you are from, experiencing these login issues?

Thank you!

Hi, im from chile and i have login issues too. (from friday night)



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uk, cant connect again the same thing like before,should i pay wtfast again to enter? You should give 4 blessings per day again to the ones that can log in properly but not to us and when you fixed that you should give an xp/sp rune for a week to all again,one is for sure,you are repeatably stealing our money,you are a total joke.

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