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Party Matching - ability to hide sellers, block users from entering


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I have two suggestions with regards to Party Matching:

1. I hate when I see the Party Matching view trashed with trading offers. When I open Party Matching it's because I am looking for a party and not because I want to buy stuff. The view is messy and I find it more difficult to search for the rooms I am interested in, example from Naia below:, only 2 rooms are actual parties while the rest is rubbish:


I would be happy to be able to block sellers from displaying on my list.

2. It would be great if people who are on the Room Owner's blocklist were not allowed to enter the Room that he or she created. 

I've accumulated some blocked chars over the years and I do not remember all their nicknames, but it sometimes rings a bell and I check the memo section for details and see that I invited someone who previously for example stole an item or PKed me because I got back to the instance after being disconnected and wanted to be re-invited into a party or whatever. My point is, I blocked them for a reason so why would they be allowed to enter my room?

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