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I would be really interested in this actually. This could either be good for our game by bringing in new people because Russia runs events differently than US does, mainly cheaper. With that though we get all the problems ie. Bot farmers and adena spammers.

To be honest I doubt any company this day in age is willing to spend any decent kind of money for a 15 year old game that has already lost 99% of its potential for future growth.  

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Yun Song-yi's plan didn't work out as intended. By checking the "Games" tab at the very top of this home page you can see that NCWest has so far only one mobile game (Aion Legions), and that came from Korea. The Iron Tiger studio is still listed on their official website, but so far they haven't produced one single mobile game of their own. And I still think that the honorable Dr. Yun is overestimating the mobile market in the West.

That being said, NCWest would not "sell" their servers to Innova, but NCKorea would grant a global license to that company. Since the two varieties of the game are not compatible, Chronos and Naia would get wiped and the old players would be heartily invited to play on Core, probably with a free Starter Pack or something like that :)

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On 3/13/2019 at 5:55 AM, Yidao said:

And I still think that the honorable Dr. Yun is overestimating the mobile market in the West

That most likely doesn't matter as the East's mobile market is massive on it's own with China leading the way. That's why Blizzard tried to jump on the mobile bandwagon with Diablo....

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On 11/3/2019 at 12:57 AM, Aligor said:

Rumors says that Russian server is bying ths US servers...and NCwest will only deal with mobile l2. Is it true?

In the first grade someone teached to all of us that 1+1=2 and not 11 like Neutron tought.

In russia lineage 2 is a very popular game because it's really cheap, tbh it's the cheapest ru video game.

Thus they are forced to open a new server every 6 to 8 months.

It would be really amazing to see all na users forced to log in on an eu or ru server just to uncover that they could have

spent 1/10 of what they spend on an na server just to have the very same objects.

It would be like this


About the mobile thing. I never heard of an eu or na worker who died in the office because he had to work 18h x day.

That's a totally different culture and it couldn't be exported plain and simple nor in eu nor in na

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