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Is there a starting enchanting guide?

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xHaseo    83
On 13/3/2019 at 3:36 PM, Garadon said:

Just started plating and haven't figured out how to enchant even a dragon pendant( +2)

It's easy : items got different 'grades' No grade, D, C, B, A, S, R (in Na classic, up to A grade), from D grade up to the R grade you can find 2 types of scrolls : Enchant armor or enchant weapon. If you want to enchant a weapon of grade D, then you would need a Scroll enchant weapon D grade. There are also some 'special' scrolls with different effects. Some may trigger a +1-+3 random enchant when it succeed (example from +4 > +5 or +6 or if lucky enough, +7). There's a safe enchant where you can't fail, it's +3 for anything but armors with upper/lower in 1 part (example, doom light armor or full plate armor) that can go up to +4 w/o fail. If the enchant fail, the item is broken and you will get 'Crystals' of the same grade of the item you just broke (If you fail a D weapon, then you'll get D crystals, the amount of cry you get changes with the item you enchant and you get more crystals if you fail on higher enchants, a weapon failing for +7 will give you more crystals than a weapon failing for +4). 

In he case of pendants then you wont have safe enchant. It means you can fail it even if you try a +1. And you get NOTHING as reward if you fail. Also, keep in mind, that pendants can be levelled. If you make a pendant lv 1 +10 and then you try to upgrade it to lv 2, the enchant will fade. Meaning you may ('cause it's not a 100% chance to get a lv 2 pendant) get a pendant lv 2 +0. 

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