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Guest Duardin
On 17.03.2019 г. at 1:19 PM, Toooldforthis said:

Hello anyone have same trouble with me ?When i minimize client and want it back it comes back full screen .I cant fix it... this happens and with different pcs desktop laptop etc but not all the time.what is wrong?

Yes, we all got this problem. If you play @windows mode and you click - show desktop (Win+D) and do something there and later when you maximize the game window is @full screen.

If you want to keep it, never click (show desktop) just open application/browser/explorer from the taskbar and switch between the windows with Alt+TAB.

This is just one of many inconveniences which you will experience playing Lineage II. Their team is so Pro (IQ60 team), reaching high lvl of HTML 5


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