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PK system changes on EU/RU - no more gear drop/destroyed

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You made all good points Pleist but one.

There's a big misunderstanding in here about the top dogs, sometimes addressed as "the whales", and the rest of the players.

There are like 5 to 7 top dogs counting in the two servers.

I don't remember who wrote this but sounded like that

ipeppinio has just crashed his father's ferrari from wall to wall

and that was no joke at all

as soon as neutron introduced a new item (lets say circlets) on chronos there were grands and grands of usd spent in a matter of minutes

because those top dogs needed to have that brand new item maxed out now

Listen a normal gamer has a real life

Those are rich kids without a real life

The ones who do afk exping can be divided into two categories.

The ones who are trying to compete with the top dogs like they can really farm a ferrari x day to replace the one you crashed the day

before. Just nuts. They don't have a ferrari nor they can farm a ferrari playing l2.

The ones who are botting to sell adena because they don't have a real job nor a real life. Just nuts.

I remember a video made by fragola where she pointed out 7 toons in 100ish areas which were farming in s grade

they were just ru bots like the ones i showed in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0XQedeqPA

in that room there were 60+pcs all setted up to bot on l2 korea.

Now how can u drop s grade? You can't

Now how can u drop lvl 4 jewel? You can't

Even with the new patches the botters will continue to bot and the ones who think they can bot a ferrrari playing l2

they won't never ever have a ferrari.



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I disagree with this. Don't get me wrong, this glitch that ppl use to make u pk and get your items is very annoying. I got abused myself, dropped almost 20b in gear. So I do understand the frustr

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The best thing they could do is remove the sin eater quest, the pk scrolls, karma scrolls, Bsoes and Bress. U either have or not balls to go pvp or pk.

By removing the pk drops u will have the top whales just running around and killing everyone and then cause not dropping, people will leave the server.

The other way is to just remove the macro for once and start perma banning the bots and cheaters. I vote on this one. Server doesn't need bots and cheaters it needs active people.


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19 hours ago, Piro said:

I have 1 question, if your item is augmented it will be dropped or destroyed upon dying with 6+ pk counts and karma?

Yes. Augment is removed and you drop the item withou augment.



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we will meet the new demonic sword system. Changes in the pk system or remove penalty will be just a little problem compared with demons sword changes...

BTW, why so many ppl cry about afk macro? If NCsoft remove afk macro, less ppl for our servers... do you think ppl will be more active without macro? 

I think our population is ppl who have family, work and life (obviously not all ppl but a lot of our population). 

That poor mentality "if i can farm nothing with macro, then anyone can do it"

Less cryers in forum and more ppl trying to farm something. that will help our servers...

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