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Disabling the drop from PK characters


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some funny info on ruoff servers :D how they fight with pk farmers :D

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On March 19, after the completion of planned maintenance work in the PK system, an important change will occur:

Chaotic characters with a PK counter of 4 or more will not lose items when they die.
Items that were previously destroyed by the death of a chaotic character will no longer collapse.

The chance of losing items at death has always been an important part of the PK system, as a conscious risk to the killer of peaceful players and as a possible reward for PK hunters. Recently, however, some users have begun to abuse this mechanic, out of mercenary motives forcing other players to inadvertently become PK. From now on, such actions lose their meaning. Please note that all other existing penalties for PC characters have remained unchanged.

We closely monitor developments, in the future other changes in the PK system are possible. Thank you for your feedback and enjoy the game!


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