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I was also told the crit damage bonus on the pendant wasn't working although I haven't tested it.  I'll remove my weapon tonight and keep punching a mob, I shoul eventually crit for a few hundred, no?  Let's see how long till this post is deleted.

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Depends on how the calculation is done. You can argue a lot but if they added the pendant buff after the [(base crit + added crit) * (1+ % from multipliers)] then it's working as intended. I think Crit rate in L2 comes from a logarithmic/analog diagram from 0-50% crit rate depending on your crit rate. So focus might be calculated based on your actual % crit rate instead of the above calculation that just gives you the amount that correlates to % of crit.

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On 27.3.2019 at 3:30 PM, TheoTheReaper said:

bla bla bla , dude, if i have 200 critical without focus or 50 critical or 10000000000000000 critical its my problem. IN ALL 3 CASES FOCUS SHOULD ADD 30% ON MY CRITICAL AS THE DISCRIPTION SAYS, as it is on every server out there private or not.

Thats ur opinion and just urs...

And it also wasnt like u think on skelth. Just log on your skelth char and check it by ur self.

it just works with your base critrate and it allways just worked with the base critrate...deal with it and accept that u are wrong.

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