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XINGODE error closing game clients


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Ive made a reset on my pc recently, and reinstalled the game.

since then 3-4 days now im getting a xingode error wich tells have been detected more than one client and closes automatically my clients.

I play legit with 3 clients prior of my pc reset it hadnt happen.


1. do i have virus on my pc, (i open chrome only some times) or do have windows 10 some features activating xingode actions?

2. arent allowed 3 clients anymore?

is it bug or ??

sincerely a legit player getting this is outrageous.

do i have to make a ticket?

ps dont know if proper forum section, imo this one suits better the case.


thank you

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You may have encountered this bug, it is accompanied by a error message Bug Xigncode 3 0XE0191014.
Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE at the same time and select the Task Manager. In Processes, find L2.bin*32 or L2.exe*32, select it, and click on End Task.

Close each window with this name in the same way.

source by wellbia: 0xE0190201~0xE0190214 error occurrences
This error code occurs from another program altering XIGNCODE activity, internal function problems, or malicious activity unrelated to the game.
Please compress your entire XIGNCODE folder or xigncode.log and contact support@wellbia.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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