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Log In Problem Fix

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What the Hell guys?I tried to log in 5 times last night and because it was impossible to log i went to sleep..now i woke Up 12 hours later and i still cant log in with my accounts...Im really thinking about to leave this RMT-BOT-Fail server...omg..dead game...GL guys

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4 hours ago, ObiWanYouKnowMe said:

Hello everyone!

Here is an easy fix how to log in to servers until our beloved NC West fixes the issue.

When game client starts you need to spam "Enter" button on Num Lock.

Enjoy your game!


Tried it, doesn't work. AN UPDATE WOULD BE NICE!

Something tells me the bots in DV are all still running around just fine. Funny how that works, bots running okay but normal players can't get in.

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