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Leveling guide 85+


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1 hour ago, Silverrmoon said:

Hello to all

I am looking for help/advice to lvl after 85.

What are your leveling tips

1- 85-90

2- 90-95

3- 95-100


Thanks for the reply

85-90 take quest while hunting for xp

harnak ruins (talking island)

bloody swamp (darkelf vill)

kartia level 85 ( aden )

90-95 its best to follow penys quest in aden

kartia 90

FAIRY monsters in magmeld

Golems and Spicula (kamael village - stronghold 2/3


cemetery (aden)

blazing swamp (darkelf)

kartia 95 (aden)

and some daily quest. 


Just follow the quest peny give you in aden. A lot of help

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