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How to get d grade items early?

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I just achieved level 20 on an orc shaman, human cleric and dwarf scavenger. How would I advance from this point, should I just keep leveling with my nograde items or should I attack leveling in a different approach? I feel like I lose more adena rather than make it from killing mobs while using soulshots... Thus resulting in not being able to get better equipment either.

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thise game its not like other MMORPG. 

like WOW and other u grind u got your lvl ARMOR and weapon ( not the TOP TOP from those lvl, but better them u start). L2 its a bleep system drop. U will only take D drop itens, on spot lvl 30++ ands its harder, maybe gloves and low bots are more easy om cruma mash, plains of dion, but WEAPON its realy harder, drop more easy on PARTISAN. 

But, no go EXP w8 for drop. We already stay 1 intire week on same spot, like 10 or 15h day, and didnt get any full drop. 

So, ites better, got adena and buy a weapon MID or TOP from Vendor   ( giran or arden )They selling the second better weapon from D grade ( the TOP D grade only craft ou drop boss ). 

U need grind adena and buy from players or shop. 

I thing weapon D grade mid starter them 500k , and the TOP weapons its lke 3,5kk ( damage like 100 p.atack) 

lvl 20 its good to go in Got o plains of dio ( outside city) easy mobs, not social mobs and mats for spoil. Kill madragoas  its good to, after plains of dion spot. Abondonec camp its good to. till 25 +-. 

Kill GREEN mobs, its goob, because they die faster, kill with 2 or 3 hit, u can try OVER HIT with stun u got ++ exp when kill. 

OR OR, got adena for a Cursed Mainguace ( dagger D grade ) go to the bosses on map and hit after other cla starter kill. Its easy got 100k till 600k with little buffs and shit weapons.

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