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SpS/SE Veteran Ex-NCSoft/NCWest QA Employee LFC on T.I. Classic

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I don't know if anyone will ever see this, but I'm taking a shot in the dark. I am a veteran player since beta, I just started about a week ago I am dual boxing an SpS/SE, I am level 30, using Demon's Fangs and Moon Cape gear with Karmian in the Warehouse. I am saying my gear because I want you to know I am not looking for handouts.

My Spellsinger is all I play. I am active at least 6-10 hours every day.

I do not need help leveling or with gear or anything, just looking for an English Speaking clan that is active and enjoys leveling together and just hanging out in Teamspeak/Ventrilo or whatever is in use these days. If anyone remembers Invictus or knows anyone from that era, that would be cool. FallenMana, Cai, Contakt, RightHandOfGod were some of my clan mates and I do not know if they are still around.

As stated in the title I worked in the QA (Quality Assurance) department at NCSoft NCWest in Austin Texas under Dan Campbell and I was a tester for a short time for Lineage 2 and Aion. I wrote some of the Wiki walk-through test pages for the Gracia update and was a GM during events under the name of Racketeer.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. What people use for voice chat, messenger these days etc. I know Windows Messenger is no longer updated by Microsoft and all of my contacts were on MSN. Not sure, but anyway, thought I'd reach out to see if anyone could assist me with a good solid mature, respectable, fun clan.

Thanks for your time,

WintairShade 30 Spellsinger

MyriamShade 30 Shillien Oracle

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