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XIGNCODE3 is the next generation of gaming security solution mainly for online gaming service, currently patented and registered as a “one-time executable code structure”, which allows levels of various security policies according to company management measurements.

XIGNCODE3 supports more than 2000 game environment clients, and operates under Linux or Windows game servers. We provide all interface codes that are easily applicable in various conditions, such as C/C++/JAVA/C#. In addition, the API is structured in simple fashion for convenient adjustment, allowing easy application and testing without any complicated studies.

Accurate Operating System

  • Detect and reject VPN access (Game management company is able to handle it)
  • Detect of DirectX modulation and illegal call
  • Detect of WDDM driver modulation
  • Detect modified of function about time
  • Detect time modified via using time server
  • Detect of game client local time modification
  • Detect of major kernel function modification
  • Detect DLL injection
  • Detect virtual memory code injection
  • Detect harmful thread
  • Detect harmful window creation in game
  • Detect keyboard highjack in game
  • Detect illegal control of DHCP
  • Detect Nuking/drop hack
  • Detect auto click
  • Detect software/hardware macro
  • Detect message hook
  • Detect multi-client
  • Detect VEH/SEH modify and register
  • Check game client hash
  • Detect call specific function in game
  • Detect game resource modification
  • Reject game process memory accessing
  • Reject game process handle accessing
  • Reject game process message transmission
  • Reject game process keyboard/mouse input transmission
  • Reject game window GDI accessing
  • Reject debug interrupt handler modification
  • Reject calling kernel function directly
  • Reject stealth process/module/driver
  • Reject kernel/user mode debugging
  • Detect executed on virtual environment

Provide clear information

XIGNCODE3 Log Monitor
  • Provide real-time detection status
  • Provide game statistics data as Daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly
  • Accessed counts
  • Executed counts
  • Server accessed counts
  • Multy executed counts
  • Hacking tool detection counts
  • Unknown hardware devise frequency of use
  • Nationally executed/access frequency of use
  • Game play frequency of use
  • Operate system frequency use
  • National VPN detour frequency use
  • List of nationality hacking tool detection/user
    • Provide daily/weekly/monthly user statistic data
  • Rank of hacking tool used IP
  • Rank of hacking tool used system
  • Rank of hacking tool used account
    • Provide daily/weekly data
  • Accessed account/system mapping information
  • Hacking tool detection log information 
    Is that Antibot system now are  you kidding us ?? This is mainly used for game management Thank you a lot ncsoft that you dont have no idea 
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