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As a person who has never played Lineage 2

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Does the dev / suppport team do anything at all to combat bots?  I have maybe seen 2 real people in my 20 hours of game play. All grind spots lvl 10 to 30 are infested with bots, like soo many it reminds me of dragon nest 8 years ago where they had to close the server and reboot it. It's really pathetic :(

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1 hour ago, SMFC said:

You are supposed to solo 1-85

99% you will find no party at that level


Use loop macro, cash in starters pack for 400 nc and you will get there super fast

Dont need buy nothing. Just try to get a good Mentor 24/7 and in one day can be lvl 85. 

lvl 1-85 you will do alone cause is really hard to find a party at this lvl. maybe at lvl 70+ can find partys for farm raid boss.

Good luck and enjoy the game

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