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Servers are so lagged, you can stay flagged after reloging!


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Every hour, when we get the huge server lag, you can flag, do a fast relog and LOG FLAGGED AGAIN :)  this is something I see for the first time, today happened twice for me!

Really annoying.. If you kill someone and you do not want to kill him more in order not to open a war, fast relog will not deflag you, if server is lagged hard!


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You must keep in mind, those backup routines running in the background at xx:00 and xx:30 were written at a time when there was not even B-Grade equipment. Back in Open Beta it was no problem to have several thousand players logged into a server at the same time. But then they introduced A-Grade, S-Grade, Belts, Cloaks and whatnot. In other words, the server had to write more and more stuff on its backup drive. The straw that broke the camel's back was probably Etis van Etina mumbling unintelligible stuff every hour, giving the server additional work to do.

- Disabling Etis van Etina is obviously not easy, otherwise the developers would have done it a long time ago.

- Removing items to reduce the load on the server would lead to a lot of discontent, especially since nowadays many items were paid for with real money.

- So the only thing you can do is remove players. Insofar, running an event where hundreds of players are afk-fishing for hours at a time, putting an additional load on the server, is unwise, to say the least. Anything that motivates players to stay logged in should be avoided. If the developers feel the need to give out free stuff via an attendance check, make it so that people get it at once, not after 30 minutes.

I am aware that NCsoft must make money. They can either have 1000 players paying 15 dollars per month, or 100 players buying stuff for 150 dollars. But they can not have 100 paying players plus 1000 freeloaders. With the abundance of items that come from the L2Store, the servers simply can't handle that.

An elegant way to get rid of the dead weight (bots, macro loopers, shop dwarves) would be to summarily ban all accounts that did not purchase any NCoins in the last month, then sell Unban Tickets in the L2Store for 100 dollars or whatever. This would also eliminate the unsavoury practice of money laundering, i.e. buying L2Store items from other players with botted adena. You either buy from Juji, or you are dead :D

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