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Epic Castle Siege On Gludio Server (31MAR2019)


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Welcome Everyone!!

This Castle Siege is a siege that you do not want to miss!

A bot power house Blade and Soul (BnS) Clan, who have the most highest lvls on the server will face against common folks.

BnS clan leader has promised 100% victory despite any circumstance. He is convinced that him and a few of his friends can take an entire castle by themselves. Honestly speaking he can do it. No doubts about it. However, his victory becomes debatable when 7 clans (Nightmare, AgainstAll, AL, LastKingdom, Kryptonians, United and Midgard) unites together to show him what teamwork of low lvl players can do together. 

Like I said, this castle siege is big and it will be remembered for a long time to come.

Come and join us in this adventure! 

Thanks to JasonKing5 it will be streamed live!

Check out the link before to witness an Epic Siege! 




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