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Warlock - tips


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Hello I am looking for some guide for warlock I mean I looking for PvE build typical meelee solo or duo.

1. Weapons setup.

2. Which set? (BW light, BW hv or what?)

3. Dye.


Any tips and help are welcome :)


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Robes since you are a summoner. Your armor isn't overly important for PvE since your pet will be doing everything for you. 

A karmian set and a weapon for your grade to occasionally nuke should get you through most content.

DYE depends on your playstyle, if you are passive and supporting your pet, you don't need to focus on changing your caster dye, the easy choices for DYE is -7 STR +5 CON.

Any weapon is fine to channel heals for your pet, again assuming you let your pet do the work for you. If you like to nuke occasionally then get a mage's weapon. Otherwise go for something cheap with shots like a D-Grade or Non-Grade weapon for heals.

Once you decide to get into PVP, your gear choices will need to change, but since your pet is 85% of what your class is all about, you just need to level up the summon, and your cubics for most PvP. The paralyze cubic is damn near 100% as well, so you shouldnt have much issue in 1v1 PvP.

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Thx for answer bro !:)


Atm I am using crystal dagger + theca set, thinking about BW light or heavy. Going fully meelee - cat + me autoattack making dmg. Don't want to use nuk I think. What u Think?

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Use your nuke and play like a mage until 52ish or even higher.  Recharge your mana with the cat.  It’s just a much faster way of killing.  It would be smarter to go elf summoner.  They’re similar but elf will be better late game.  But if you must be human, so be it.  You would also be wise to lv up a buffer with you.  Either SE or PP.  PP for sure if you want to do physical later.  Due to the XP bonus of having 2 in party, it’s well worth it.  Over enchanted Cursed maingauche is all you need for quite a while.  Don’t use -str dye if you want to deal physical damage.   Light armor if you plan on being hit, otherwise robes primarily for pve.

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