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Blind Support? LF fair play

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My Lineage 2 cost about 50 euros equal +- 2 months. For what < Beat like PK a looot bots (spoil + summ) in PH with IO+varniosh to do steel and AB to CBP. Ok, deal with ++ cOLANS LIKE USED TO BE. MY clan, deal with B grade sent to weak ++ D shiny armor. Whatever. i BEAT LIKE DUMB EVERY PROGRESS. In free time. Hate bots. I recognize good group, players between bad. For 25 - 40 mail lordoverlord to farm with true skills (raids). 40 - 50 pm Arentaz(SK) or pm. Calll for justice. LW This experience try to be hidden. Do event BOT HUNTRER.  Your BIT KILLER

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