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Hi there, dont know if anyone is still playing the wynn class.

I wanted to ask what dual class you play, because with the new update the difference in patack between using bow and 2 hand staff will be higher and i will probably use the first or second red libra to change dual.

Until now i have been playing wynn with dual class Yul. Is a fun combination if the bow damage can keep it up on the wynn side. Until now my bow have been working fantastic (high crit rate, nice augument, ugly SA for wynn, good for yul). Yul is a nice class to play, but extremly expensive if you want to deal good damage (need to focus all on pskill crit and p skill power), this lead to have a lot of items and skills that are usefull on yul but not on wynn.

I dont have the wallet the upper half the server have, so i make my adena buying cheap, selling with a small gain. Because of this my adena to buy gear or try auguments is really limited.

My options now are:

- Make my dual class tyr (probably titan, but maybe dread get more party on high lvl aoe spots, i really do not know). All my gear to increase pve damage will work on tyr, and since i have a pve bow, a E. shadow retri and a few items, i could end with 2 E. shadow weapons for the tyr and a pve retri for the wynn

- Make my dual class iss. Cheap on the gear side, most of my stuff give great pdef.

- make my dual class healer. The expensive side here would be buying a robe set +8 to have enought pdef on high lvl instances

So.... as i said at the start, i wanted to know what dual class you play, the good and the bad of your choice.

Lets keep the wynns alive even if Nc soft does not want!!!



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I have a healer as a dual and I am using a Leather set on it, you don't need to buy Robe. Healers have light skill mastery as well and even with average items you should be able to get max cast speed when using Light Armor. But I would not recommend this class as a good dual for a wynn - on a healer I boost up my CON/HP while on a Wynn i Focus on P atk and crit dmg, so it is not a convenient combo gear-wise.

Gear-wise, tyrr is a good option, because those classes benefit from a similar setup, but then again, tyrrs are also not so welcome in high level parties and in order to be a strong one, you need a lot of fancy items. ISS is always a cheap and easy choice.

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Thanks for the reply,

Nice detail about the light armor for healer (i thought that after one of the many updates the pdef you had with robe was higher than with light armor). 

Currently for pdef i have long talisman, 7s, abundance lvl 1, a evolved virgo lvl 1 agathion (no adena to try more haha) and emerald lvl 4.

i think to maximize pdef i would need a diamond and pearl lvl 3 at least (that i do not use on wynn) and a pve pdef belt so a lot of adena. If you are asking why i have virgo and not taurus, is because my mouse did 2 clicks with one and ended up opening a virgo HG... (*** happens haha)

To deal damage on tyr i think i will not be on the high damage side but neither on the no damage side. Currently i have creation, AQ soul, bvalakas, ruby lvl 3, elmore +7, missing opal lvl 3 and noble authority), sadly if people dont want a tyr on their party is as good as nothing. 

About iss, currently i have my pom, but i like more the iss sword muse to play it (i ended lvling 1 iss of each class O.o)

I forgot to say, i focus on the pve side of the game I played enought pvp and olys when i was playing on bartz until the first merge and i am literally sick of doing all the matchs on olys every week 

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Agathac here, loged from the wrong account hehe....

At the end i reseted my dual class from 102 to 85 from yul to dread. I do not know how well the class will be given my stats (elf with many dex dyes because i was archer) but i can say that the animations when it hit are nice, Fun fact is that when i reseted the class i keep all the ability points so since lvl 85 i am soloing all the instances

I had the 30 days emperor weapon to test the class and if i see at high lvl i deal to low damage i will just change later on red libra to iss and focus all my items and adena on the wynn

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