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SURVEY: How many players from 2004/2005 still "kicking and playing"?

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How many players from 2004/2005 still "actively playing" everyday?  I'm curious since I'm one of them, still kicking daily and not dead yet.   I'm from SoCal (southern California) and my oldest origin

1. U.S.A. ( Florida) 2/3. "Darewin" Elf SR on Kain in '05, "Shags" Dark Elf PR Kain, "Huxley" Elf MS on new Bartz and now "Supafly" Dark Elf GS on Naia 4. Supafly is 104/105 5. Quit 4 t

Hi all, 1. Germany 2. fisrt char Delox EvasTempler (retired on Kain), Grambi Phoenixknight (activ) switched from Dagger with GoD to tank main. 3. Jap openbeta, US openbeta ---> kain

1. Where you're from: USA

2. Char name and class Misterfier Duelist/Archer class changed to Archer. (retired) Playing a Evis now days.

3. Original server Bartz (FCA / Vestige) Playing since closed beta/open beta. 

4. Level and % today 104.30.

5. How many times did you quit and come back? once for about 2 years. Never really quit just didn't play for long stretches of time. Very causal player these days. 

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