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Gludio Castle Owner is Decided!

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Hello Everyone!

I think this is something that everyone has been waiting for and the "BIG NEWS" is finally here! 

After proving and showing what unity and teamwork among other players can accomplish, It is time to let one of the clans to take the castle.

Last castle siege was a lot of fun! Probably one of the most exciting moments that this server has ever had at this point.

Because of certain behavior of some clans during the last siege, their true colors were reviled, and it helped me and my ally's to select appropriate clan to take the castle for the next siege.

I am happy and honored to announce that Blade & Soul clan will be the first successor of the Gludio Castle.

Please do congratulate them! Out of all of the clans that are out there, they are most fitted for such accomplishment!

Do not miss an opportunity to follow JasonKing5 channel on youtube during the next siege to witness them claiming Gludio Castle.



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