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WTS Power LvL 100+


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Hi Everyone,

my CP want to help you to lvl up so we sell powerlvl.

Activ boost 500% = lvl 100 ->101 = 1,5h   /   101->102 = 2,5h   /    102 - 103 = max 5 hours

1hour = 3bil adena or equal ncoin's      Our average XP is   1,4tril XP/hour without boost

Price is not cheap but the few costumer we had untill now say it worth it. maybe they can give a feedback here if they see this Topic

From lvl 105 - 106 is hard becouse with max XP boost it will take like 200hours, if someone is realy want we can talk out something.

If you are interested send "grambi an Ingame E-mail to make an appoinntment

Thanks and Good Luck

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5 hours ago, balanceLife said:

Where are u LVLing ppls? Instanes?

instances ofc not! Altar instance we do in ~ 10min. AF in 2-4min so how u wanna make it for 1h or more? :)

We do it in Elven 


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XP Table from hunting for 30 minutes in this CP. sadly I died from mobs once so I had to add Colum "J" :)
I have recorded the hunting with play report window open and did different sections for the time when 300% XP buff dropped by mobs was up or not. I called this sections and added the time how long their duration was. I will explain the results below the picture.

A: XP at section beginn. A=B from the line above. I don't start at 0 for getting party and boost ready.
B: XP at section end
C+D: Same as A+B but with time. Time is taken from the recorded video so I don't start at 0:00.
E: How long was the section duration. I used this to calculate the total time of 300% drop boost and to get the real native xp
F: XP Boost depending on whether the dropped boost was on or off
G: XP done in this section (G=B-J-A)
H: native XP, calculated on value without any buff (H=G/F*100)
I: XP shown in Play Report (it shows XP recovered after death too)
J: XP recovered from death
L/M: Boosts that have been up while I was playing in %. L/M15: max boost for ppl without Exalted passive buffs


G24: sum over the time of 30 Minutes (I have done 3.896Tril XP in 30 Minutes)
H24: same as above but without any buffs calculated (so the factor is 100 only, I had +473% boost)
E25: sum of time the 300% drop Boost was on
E26: 75% of hunting time the 300% Buff was up
H27: Calculated the 75% of +300% to the native XP. So native XP without any boost except the dropped green 300% for 22:38mins out of 30 mins
G29-33: Possible XP you can gain from our plvl service if you use full boost in 30 mins and 1 hour. For full boost you need additional 200% rune, freya & Emperor rune and erupting potion. I did not calculate with Nevit buff up or with any Cloak XP boost.

Feel free to ask your questions and feel free to buy some plvl :)

Edit: I forgot 10% XP Boost from AP and 20% from Ciclet in the first version. This is now corrected. I did not calculate with cloak or vital stone.

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up :)

yesterday: 10% in 2 hours on lvl 104 w/o 200% Rune and w/o Erupting Potion
In the same time I have done 17 tril XP on lvl 105 w/ standard Boost (Freya Rose & Scroll + Event 100% Rune)

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Thanks for your interest but my CP is fighting with low activaty this days. So right now we dont take costumers, but when  downtime is over add me to Friendlist.

When the situation is right and you are online we maybe can arrange something


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price is for 1h, your lvl is not relevant. Why should we makle different prices for different lvl? That doesnt make sense.

Regarding your other question i will try to explain it once again. You can buy power lvl for 1b or 1,5b per hour where you get 1/3 of the xp we do. So to get the same ammount of xp you will have to buy 3hours (3b- 4,5b) and boosts for 3h instead of 1h. So with the cheaper power lvl service you will end up with double or more costs in total.

We already had some customers who bought both services (our and other cheaper guys) and nobody wants to go again with the cheaper guys.





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