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Another bot rant (Cruma Tower)

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I have had it. After spending an hour trying to find an exp spot in Cruma Tower so I can get the rest of the Glaive edges I need, I give up. Not a single room available, can't even train the bots, because I have no mobs to pull. I really like this place for exping from 40 to 50, because the drops and exp are worth it. I can't think of another hunting spot in that level range that is worth spending my SS on. I am just so tired of sacrificing my gaming experience, because NCSoft can't get a hold of the bot infested servers. I thought the ponies were bad, but these full bot trains are way worst.

No more money from me for VIP. Once my friend comes back from vacation, I will hand her over my gear and adena, and I am done with this game. If it works for you, have fun in game! It just no longer works for me. I really love the game and I will be checking from time to time the forums in hopes they do something about it. For now, since the weather is getting nicer, I am going to find something else to do, rather than keep getting frustrated over a game that should be all about fun.

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After not playing for a week, decided to login today. Cruma still full of bots, so I did not feel like playing my main chars. Had some time to kill, so started a new character. Got bored after half hour and logged out. I do not know why I keep bothering with this game. I will check again in a week and probably uninstall. What is interesting is that I have leveled a lot of characters at least to level 20 and I have never seen the starting areas so empty. During my play I saw maybe two other characters. I guess I am on the right track quitting. No new players and the game is loosing current players. Just a month ago the game at this time would have over 4.5K players. Right now on Friday night it is at 3.6K.

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