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cant hit a mob from bots...

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1 hour ago, SilentSpy said:

sea of spores and ivory tower crater  its full of  bot (horses) run around....   some one gm must go check it...  we should leave and bots stay or wtf???

They don't care, it's been going on for months and months and they keep giving people the same excuse "make a report". If you're going to continue playing here it's something you gotta live with.

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"Bot Report" button only works once per 30 minutes and I think you can only do it 6-7 times overall. Anywhere you go to level - there are at a minimum of 10-15 "players" which are 99% summoners and the chat is dead silent while the every area is filled to the brim with "players".

Haven't read a single line of actual "chat" even in towns. Only sellers of stuff in the game or farmers. Zero actual game talk, and I'm nearly 25 so been online for a bit.

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