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Good morning, I need some help with Penny and Herphah Quest. I ended up evolving the faction from lvl 2 to lvl 3 without getting the quest at Herphah. How do I solve this and win the award of the evolution from lvl 2 to lvl3 with Herphah? thankful
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If memory serves correct you can get the quest you're looking to off penny or the researcher. If possible you want to follow this protocol to get all you're entitled to. Get daily special quest. (Researcher Katrina) Go to Katrina and get the lower class sub quest and then back out and the researcher should have a paper like banner over it's head, go back into researcher menu and although it will show already active click on the special mission quest, it'll ding and you're ready to go. PS Penny will drop the quest you're specifically asking about. And it's only turn in at Herphah.

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1 hour ago, thatch said:

Hi,wanted to post a question too,about the daily quests from the regugee npc at magmeld.I cant ever find the quest mobs,the counter always stays 0,all i see is the enraged ones,that wont do.

Haven't done it in a while, but if I remember well the area is split for different quests, so make sure you're in the right spot (open quest <alt+u> and then map and check which region is highlighted). If you're in the right spot, make sure you open Cocoons. The mobs around them give only some items.

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