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Returning Vet Looking for a permanent home


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I played L2 from Beta until 05/06. I discovered this jewel was still alive and kicking and jumped in with both feet. Right now I have an 8 char core ranging from 1 88 and 2 91's. I'm at that point where I was hoping to have been picked up by a PVE clan and it hasn't happened. I would like to bring all my char's under one roof but I realize that may be impossible with the char cap. I would want to bring 4-5 for sure though. That would be a Yul Archer, Both ISS Dom & WC, Hierophant and lastly my Cardinal. Or maybe my Feoh instead of WC, lol. I like them all for different reasons and love to be able to pick "that" toon needed for a raid or instance run. I am American and live on West Coast so my time is -9 from server time. I am medically retired and an older mature player, -9 hours from Sever time, but I can make that time work as I have an very open schedule. Feel free to contact me on SSRSlave. She's logged in 24/7 and the easiest way to initiate contact. Thanks, Raytok 

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