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Nightmare Clan is recruting! (Gludio Server)

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Immabe    9

Welcome Everyone!

I am looking for good, dedicated and active players to join me.

Since it's a new clan and there is a lot of room available, the door is open to every class.

There are rules and standards to follow as in any other clan. More info will be provided if you decide to join. I want players to have parties that they can exp in, have fun together and enjoy the game. 

If you decide to join my clan you will be able to form parties to exp, we will do raids with other clans to obtain weapons, armors, runes and etc. and do other fun clan related activities.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate and send me a message.

It's going to be a journey ladies and gentlemen! If you are looking for a good community to join, my clan will be a good place for you! Give it a try and I'll not disappoint you! ;)

Add me on discord: Immabe#7087 & Follow on Instagram on my fresh account: Immabepro ;) 



When there is a will, there is way! ^_^

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Elune    0

Looking to join if you're taking in new players and are still looking for members
IGN: Nightsong

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