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Lots of questions from newbie

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1) Can runes be removed from weapon and do you get the rune back after removal ?

2) How about PVP Drop rate ? Do you drop if you are not chaotic but in PvP still ?

3) How runes are upgraded to higher lvl from 1 to 13 lets say - is the system same as enchant - they might get destroyed ?

4) What is best for spoil to spoil at low lvl (20-30) for cash ? SOP ? Steel ? level 30-40 - EWD EAD ???

5) Which slot in game does dragon pendant take ? special slot or some other ?

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1. Yes, you get ur rune back

2. You drop items if u are PK lvl 4 or higher (red nickname)

3. U add lvl 1 to lvl 1 rune to get lvl 2, 2x lvl 2 to get lvl 3 etc. If u fail u lose one of them

4. Cant rly tell cuz im not spoiling

5. There is special slot in ur inventory

Good luck

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