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Issue Forum Posting Permissions

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Hello All,

We are currently investigating an issue with posting permissions preventing new posts or topics from being created on the forum. Please contact support if you have an urgent account related issue. 


it's been a week now , you said about forum permissions problems and i wonder ... so what ? You mentioned like a huge forum problem but it's pointless to post or create a new post in forum cuz we hardly get a clear answer or at least an answer from community managers.

People asking for monthly preview,others about new update, another asking to add permanent items in l2store cuz in new update it's a must having at least lvl 5 jewels , radiant circlets and +15 ++ cloaks.

Also there's lag spikes.disconnects and no ss working properly for more than ... i don't even know how much time now.

Everytime i logged in forum to check what's new, it's the same situation as always. People are asking, trying to communicate with @Juji , @Hime to get some clearly answers and there's no feedback. (except Hime's answer about her avatar inactivity !  :) ). This situation is getting worst and worst 

You have already introduced  "Uncover Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbooks" promo which is strictly content from new update. So is it possible to have a clear answer about ETA for fafurion update ? a month? a year? just an answer would be fine. On EU servers,  fafurion update official patch notes were added to their forum since February 22 ! ! 

I highly recommend it's time to add more permanent items in l2store, and benefit both sides. At the moment players are asking for past promo items and it's hardly to find any of them  in market and for extreme prices. Also by introducing past promo events as a permanent in l2store there's a chance to recover market too, and flood with variety of items.

I'd like to say about soulshot's / spiritshot's lag but u know i don't even know whats going on.It's your business to solve that with yours "know how experts".

Please, it's annoying playing  hide and seek with community managers in forum.

In conclusion, you could help us to make our gaming experience more fun.


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