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Penalties for abusing looting rights at Raid Bosses (ADMINS)

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Hello Admins it passed 6 months and you didn't changed LOOT SYSTEM yet. You have examples from KOREA,RU,SKELTH how admins working on this bug and you still don't do anything. Its bullshit when cc with 1 lvl boxes steal loots and just pick up loots for all bosses without contesting pvp/wars etc. You said raidboss loot is PVP content, but it's retard content. I am giving you example because you can't make it on your own:


Dear players,

you should remember the change in looting rights after Zaken update. After long discussions with the developers, it was qualified as a game mistake. Looting rights should belong to the group that dealt the most damage to the boss:
"Priority is given to members of the most contributed party. Other parties, CC or players cannot pick up."

And while the developers are working on a fix to the issue,

it is prohibited to use the issue with looting rights and pick up items from RB while being in a group that did not deal the most damage to the boss.

As looting the drop without contributing to the damage to the boss is now qualified as a game mistake, players that abuse this mistake (engage with the boss and pick up the drop after another group kills it) will receive a penalty from 7 days to a permanent block of the account with confiscation of all acquired items. We also retain the rights to block all accounts that were run from the violator's PC.

How to report a violation:
If you see some character abusing the looting rights, please send a ticket to support@ncsoft.com and add the following to your message (all 5 points):

  1. Name of the Raid Boss
  2. Date and time of the violation
  3. Nickname of the violator
  4. Video and screenshot with the system message that the Command Channel that succeeded in killing the boss cannot pick up items
  5. Video and screenshot with the system message that the character that didn't participate in the killing picked up the loot.

Example 1:
Two competing groups arrived to a Raid Boss and after some PvP one of the groups managed to get the looting rights, killed the boss and picked up items.
Result: No penalty is going to be applied in this case.

Example 2:
Two competing groups arrived to a Raid Boss and one managed to get the looting rights but doesn't kill the boss, waits until the second group does it and then the first group picks up the loot.
Characters of the first group will be blocked and items will be seized.

The penalty will be applied to the violators that broke the rule after this post was published.



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Such a wall of text, while all that you rly need to solve the loot rights problem is change the looting reset timer to lets say 15 sec instead of 5 mins. One number change and boom, all problems gone, people should be able to hold the boss away from enemy taggers for 15 seconds and if not, then u dont rly deserve the loot rights at all :-P


If we really have to deal with loot rights, and cant just turn them off completely and go by most dmg done ...

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If u wanna suggest something, just PM the korean bosses, because here the max.you can get is "we'll see what can we do" = nothing. And it would be a surprise if any admin responds here tbh. They're very bussy with bots/adena sellers/doing maintenances of 12 hours for nothing and so.

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Lotus is crying on GIRAN.

8 party  want a salary.

Scofield lost a drop from several RBs. And cried. RMT disappeared.

enough freefarm

No money no honey

with best regards
You know from WHOM



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