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No Exp&Sp reward for human wizard 1st class change quest


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Upon completing Human Wizard 1st class change quest, npc gives player only quest item "Bead of season", but doesn´t reward player with exp and sp rewards. According to Human Wizard quest guide at l2wiki , Exp and SP rewards should be as follows: 80314 Exp & 5087 SP and given out after completing step 14 from that guide together with quest item

How to replicate: Take "Path to Human Wizard" class change quest from Parina after receiveing rewards for "Path of the Cleric" quest, but do that before reaching level 20 and changing class to Cleric.

For clarification:     Friend used same strategy to receive Exp and Sp rewards from both Orc fighter class change quests (orc raider and orc monk), when doing 1st class change quest. And it did work. Exp and Sp rewards and quest items were given from both quest lines -  Path of the Orc Monk (80314 Exp; 5087 SP and "Khavatari Totem" quest item) and Path of the Orc Raider (80314 Exp; 5087 SP and "Badge of Raider" quest item). After reaching level 20, final decision was made, to change class to Orc Monk, which resulted "Badge of Raider" quest item to stay in inventory as unused. PS.: Got another report from clan member, that this strategy to get Exp and Sp rewards from both 1st class change quests, did also work for Dwarf.

So question would be, why this kind of strategy to get rewards from both class change quests doesn´t work for Human Mystic. Could it be Bug?

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